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On Patrol with the Morning Crew, Monday Oct. 7


Here is my photo report of flying with the Morning Crew this Monday morning, Oct. 7.

Photo 1 - Windsock: Winds were favourable and not as strong as forecast (at least this morning). There was a Westerly component blowing over the trees but still manageable, even for touch and goes.

Photo 2: (Left to right) Me, Gary, and Norm. Gary has a "bent wing" in his sling but he came out anyway just to chat with the Morning Crew. Norm also came out just to chat. As for "me" I'm checking out the 10 second timer on my camera - works great!

Photo 3 - Dr. John: John always has a spare chair ready for visitors to drop by and chat.

Photo 4 - Jim: That's Jim's favourite aerobatic plane - it even has landing gear and wheels that aren't retractable so no belly landings for this one.

Photo 5 - Jim (the other Jim!): Jim readies his glider for flying.

Regarding Photo 1, I think our wind sock needs to be nominated as one of the most photographed windsocks anywhere!

Regarding Photo 2, I would have thought it was one of the Ghost Squad assisting you.  You know they can do that?

Regarding Photo 4, it is even more impressive to think that Jim @Canuke  is actually using that landing gear with some success, some times.  Jim - "WHEELS DOWN, WHEELS DOWN!" :-*


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