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Wed. Sept 28, 5 pm- "GOOD JUNK FROM MY TRUNK"- at least 15 planes for sale

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Frank v B:
I am sorting through my plane collection now and will bring at least 13 planes* for sale during the President's Pizza night on Wednesday, Sept 28.  This is our last instruction night for 2022.
Photos of the planes will be posted here with a "fun pricing" price tag. 
Buying can only be done in person for cash at the field during the pizza dinner.  If more than one person wants an item, start the bidding. No reservations.

So far:
- a Great Planes Siren Warmliner (6' span, one piece wing, carbon fuse, ailerons for 3 cell 2200). PNP
- A DG 1000 power glider (6' span, plug-in wings for 3 cell 1300) PNP
- A foamy 450 Mustang (hand-launch for 3 cell 1300) PNP

If anyone else has something to sell please bring the items along for the Pizza night non-event.  ;)


* We are getting house guests the week after so it is either get rid of the planes or I sleep outside in a tent.  Tough call!  I flipped a coin. :)

Frank v B:
Here we go:  Group 1

1)  Great Planes Electrifly Siren Warmliner.  6' span, ailerons with individual servos, T-Tail stab.  28mm in runner, 35amp ESC (Electrifly 35 amp, 3-4 cell), folding prop.  I added a trailing rudder to help in the turns.  This plane was bought with a broken nose.  I extended the nose about 1.5" to help the conversion from brushed to brushless power. Planes designed for brushed motors tend to be tail heavy.  Flew it on 3S 2200.   Ready to fly when you add your own RX and battery. Photos 86, 87,90, 91.  Price- $60.00

2) Foam DG 1000 Power Glider with 150 watt power system.  Folding prop, ailerons, plug-in wings, 25 amp ESC.  Individual aileron servos, rudder and elevator servos installed.  Just add your own 3 cell 1300mah battery and RX and go fly.  Flies nicely.  Price $50.00    Photos 84, 85  see post of the re-build https://temac.ca/smf/index.php?topic=6902.0

3) Habu mini-jet.  two cell.  Just add a battery and bind to your TX. Flies well.  Price $30.00 See photo 92

4) Micro P-51- single cell. Just add a battery and bind to your 2.4 TX. Price $20.00 Photo 93

5) Mini- P-51- by Kangke. Includes aileron, elevator and rudder servos installed, motor, prop and 18 amp ESC.  I flew it on 3 cell 600-800 mah batteries.  Just add your own RX and battery.  Price $30.00  Photos 94,96.

These are for sale at the Sept. 28 President's Pizza night at 6 pm. (event starts at 5 pm)  Cash only, pick up at the field.  The planes are available for the stated price.  If more than one person wants a particular plane, the highest bidder wins (min $1.00 increments).


Do we state interest here and now, Frank?

Frank v B:
Group 2

6) Sterling Li'l Roughneck 22.5" span- comes with two servos.  No motor, RX or esc.  Flew it with a E-flite 180 on 3 cells.  This was a Covid Project. Price $15.00  Photos 97, 99.  The build thread- https://temac.ca/smf/index.php?topic=7434.0

7) Micro Stick- a HobbyKing balsa kit, 22" span.  Includes motor, ESC and servos.  Add an RX and a 3 cell battery (350 mah) and fly.  Hand launch with ailerons.   Price $25.00  Photos 00, 01.

8) Great Planes Electrifly Evader sport jet-  Includes the motor (installed) and aileron servo.  No other electronics.  Fibreglass fuse, balsa built-up wing.  Uses a 40 amp ESC and flew on a 4S 2200.  Includes a hook for bungee launch.  Price- $30.00  Photos 03, 04, 05, 06.  I bought it used but never flew it.  I saw it fly and it was very fast.

Photos 03,04,05,06.

Frank v B:


We would all love to see you out at Rogo Field on September 28 eating Pizza!  ;)
That's why the sale starts at 6 pm so people have a chance to fly and eat some Pizza and beat the traffic. 8)

Any plane that does not sell at Rogo Field will be posted for regular sale on our Forum.



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