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WWI Biplane - Parkzone SE5a and Parkzone Albatros - SOLD

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FS : Parkzone SE5a and Parkzone Albatros

Both planes has switched to XOAR JPN wooden prop

Albatros front landing gear has mod to avoid nose over

Sorry - needs to buy in bundle.   

Both planes are in BNF.  Bind to your Spektrum Radio.

I will include 5 x 3S1800mah and 1 spare XOAR JPN wooden prop 11x7 plus 1 spare XOAR JPN wooden prop 12x6

Asking price $195

Sorry if I missed this Oscar, but what’s your asking price?

$195 - you get 2 planes, batteries, spare prop.

Hey Oscar, I'm interested if there still for sale

Thank you BJ. It's yours.


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