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Ken Coleman


I’m deeply sorry to say that I learned Ken Coleman passed away on Monday.

Ken was an amazing modeler, a generous friend and talented racer.

Here are some details of his funeral.


That is sad news indeed.
Thanks for letting us know Simon

Sad news.

We’ve lost a truly enthusiastic model airplane builder and flyer.

Frank v B:
Such sad news. 
Ken was an enthusiastic modeller.  He built amazing little indoor foam RC airplanes. 
In Pilot's Meetings his explanations how he made them were hilarious. 
He always downplayed his abilities and enthusiastically complimented fellow members no matter how poorly built our models looked.

In the group masthead photo on the TEMAC website, Ken is in the black Aussie hat in the middle of the back row, two behind Michael kneeling in the front row.  Just to the right of Bill Quantock (second row, yellow baseball hat with a big smile).

Happy flying Ken.  We will miss you.


Ken was an artist, a teacher, master builder, great pilot and friend. He helped me on numerous occasions, sorting out some balsa models that needed work.

Condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him. You will be missed my friend.


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