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Title: Lost and found
Post by: Palkina on August 12, 2019, 10:12:53 PM
Just wanted to share a happy ending crash on the beans.

Yesterday, with spotter, while flying towards the center of the field my quad suddenly lost control. Initially, I though the controller reset by itself. I could not have any radio signal from the hiding machine.

Yesterday we tried searching on the field, to the north of the suspected crash site with success. Beans 1 - Temac's Team  0

Today a new attempt was made. Thank you very much to Martin and Philip who integrated the rescue team. This time we searched to the south with success. Temac's Team 1 - Beans 0.

After 2 hours of search, Martin found the flying machine to the very south part of the field. Luckily with no damages. The battery was found disconnected.

Recalling the oddity, I remember plugin the battery slightly in with the firm conviction to push all the way in after putting the quad on the take-off site. Seems like a blip due to the parallel universe influence made me think I completed that part of the pre-fligth check.

Lessons learn:

1.  Always secure the battery and make sure it is properly plugged in.
2. If possible, use a beeper with self powered battery or use a GPS with telemetry.
3. Try to reduce the influence of the time - space continuum distortion.

The images of the quad and the bombs found at the field.


Title: Re: Lost and found
Post by: davidk on August 13, 2019, 12:26:08 AM
Never leave a quad behind.  Glad you got it back.
Title: Re: Lost and found
Post by: bweaver on August 13, 2019, 04:23:01 PM
That's determination for you!   ::)
Title: Re: Lost and found
Post by: Oscar on August 14, 2019, 09:21:53 AM
Thank you Carlos.  Those belongs to Manny.  He will come by and pick up at the Lost & Found table.  Cheers  :)