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E F 1 Pylon Race

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E F 1 pylon race at Orangeville R/C Flyers, Sun. Sept. 20, 10:30 am. We will be following the social distance rule and masks.
Please bring your own work table. We will run 4 rounds of E F 1 and after that a few of us will be doing some Sport Quickie 500.
Spectators are welcome, come out and join the fun.
I have sent a email out to the E F 1 guys for replies, still looking for some more pilots to attend.
Go fast, turn left.
Take care and be safe.


Just a reminered about the E F 1 pylon race at Orangeville, Sun Sept. 20, 10:30 am. Still looking for some more guys to attend.


Frank v B:
OK Team TEMAC.  Let's go.

I will be at the Tim Hortons at 27, 1 km south of Hiway 9 (Schomberg west of Hiway 400).  We should leave there by about 9 am.  Ken's last note said he was looking to start at 11:30 am.

Bring your own table, chair, lunch and refreshments.  We will be in the middle of nowhere.  If some non-flyers want to join us to be field crew it would be much appreciated.

EF-1 pylon racing is a blast and fast.  This is a 3 pylon course with pilots and callers standing in the middle.  Come watch planes fly in close formation at close to 200 km/hr.
These planes are relatively small (48" span) and use an 800 watt racing motor (over 1 hp!) on 4 cells and about 50-60 amps.

As usual, my aim is the be second last or better. ;D

Note: Rudie Nagelmakers (Beeton RC Flyers) lives in Schomberg and is meeting us at Tim's at 8:15 just to say "Hi".  He has a function at the Beeton Field at 9:30 am.



We will leave Tim's in a convoy by 9 am.  In brackets are the cumulative distances from Tim's (67 km's).

West on Hiway 9 for 34.1 km's where #9 "T's" into #10 where the McDonald's is located just north of the intersection (west side).
North on Hiway 10  for 13.4 km's (47.5 km's) to Sideroad 20.  This is just after you see the first Windmills to the west.
West (left) on 20 for 16.3 km's (63.8 km's) until the road ends at a "T" intersection stop sign.  Turn right (north)... after you stop!
North on this road.  After 1.4 km's (65.2 km's) it turns into a gravel road.  At the 3.2 km (67.0 km's) mark from the "T" intersection you will see a farm on the right.  It is the first farm north of the little concrete bridge in the road. Drive between the buildings and turn left at the fork in the driveway (200').  Just before you hit the grass runway  (300 ft) it turns east (right).  You will see the cars and the flying stars.

Frank   When you are on Hwy. 10, don't turn left on to 20th side road, as there is alot of construction, go to the 25th and turn left, its a gravel road but will take you just to the farm on the right, you will see the pylon flags.
Sorry for this late info but have been busy getting things ready and trying to get some air time.

See you Sun. Bring some Temac fans with you.

See you there!


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