Les will walk 500 miles, and I will walk/run 100 more!

Started by sihinch, May 31, 2021, 05:24:34 PM

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Everyone knows this song!

Les was 50 this year! To celebrate, she is taking on a challenge to walk 500 miles (800 km) over the next few months to raise money for Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation. But as the song says, she's going to walk 500 miles and she wants her friends and family to walk 500 more!  So she's created "Join Me In June!"

So I will be walking/running 100 miles over the course of this next month, to support Les in her challenge and hopefully raise a few more $ for Wellspring.

I would be very grateful if you would consider spending a few $ (the price of a Tims?) to help me achieve my fundraising goal while improving the lives of people living with cancer, by making a secure online donation using your credit card through my fundraising page.


Wellspring offers programs and services specifically designed and proven to help individuals with cancer, and their loved ones, overcome the many emotional, psychosocial, educational, practical and rehabilitation challenges that follow a cancer diagnosis.

(Lesley also volunteers with Wellspring, helping others with their journey.)

Andy Hoffer

Hi @sihinch ,

Mita and I are in for sure!!

Go Lesley and Simon!

Andy & Mita Hoffer


Thank you to everyone for your kind support and encouragement.  I did it!

My target was to run or walk 100 miles in June, raising money for Wellspring.  Thanks to the TEMAC gang I smashed my fundraising target (so I increased it!) and also beat my distance goal.

Some of you met him at the weekend, but on June 16th we got a rescue dog (to foster), his name is Hondo.  Medium energy they said! He's a beast!  Up to 16th June I'd covered just over 73 miles.....by the end of the month, I'd done 189 miles, mostly thanks to Hondo's 4 walks a day!  He now actually runs with me in a morning.

Thanks again everyone - what a great club!