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Race report/photos Orangeville EF-1 race Sunday, Sept 19 2021


Frank v B:
The nicest race day ever.  Warm, sunshine, wind down the runway (+- 10 degrees either side of the runway)

First of all- The biggest surprise was the 8 am call from Glenn that he was coming.  Then at 8:50 am- Greg Hazleton called to say he was at Tim's Schomberg waiting.  So much for another solo trip to Orangeville.

Reminder- EF 1 planes use a standard high 1250 KV 25 size motors, 4 cells, 60-80 amp ESC's, approx 800 watts (1 horsepower), 8x8 APC prop is mandatory, about 48" span, 150 plus KM/HR, 10 laps on a triangular course, pilots stand in the middle. Distance between the pylons about equivalent to 1.5 times the length of Temac's cut field.  Each pilot has a caller for safety so the pilot does not have to take his eyes off the plane.  Pilots and Callers have to wear hard hats.

The racing was fast and furious.  The pilots were mostly furious.  The planes were furious at the pilots.
Corey's plane spit out the prop and True-Turn spinner (expensive) but it was found in the beans.  My plane was just about to take off and the motor quit.  Checked and found the motor battery came unplugged.  Back to the start line and take off again.  Rick Payne's plane ended up in the beans right after a squirrily take-off.  No damage but a broken prop.
All planes survived to race again.

I missed my objective of "second last" by only 1 place.  I came last! .... but they voted me having "the best landing".  Landed it 10' from my feet after the last flight.  Too lazy to walk.  Note: these planes are hard to land because 1) throws are set for high speed.  Very little control at low speed. 2) They don't like flying slowly (limited wing area for the weight) so the have to be landed hot.  3) Flying is done with small wheels on grass.
The head wind today (15 km/hr) made the take-off and landing a lot easier than a wind-still day.

Photo report:
26- Glenn topping off the caffeine before the race.
27- Ken Fluney, the race organizer.
29- Glenn ready for the action
30- Temac's Greg Hazleton ready to help and take photos.  Much appreciated.
31- the race team photo.  Best taken before the flying starts to eliminate garbage bags.  L to R Corey, Glenn, Rick, Ken, Mike, some Temac dude, Dave.
32- Rick Payne trying to figure out how to be a good father and still beat the crap out of his son Corey.
33- Dave (left) and Mike ready to race.
34- Dave helping Glenn.  Note Glenn practising his body english for the turns.
35- Glenn and his plane.
36- Glenn was conscripted as lap counter because he was the only one of us who could count to 10.  Mike's wife is seen teaching him how to count to 10.
37- Here is how we start a race.  Planes are pushed free two seconds apart..determined by lottery draw.  Too much carnage if both took off at the same time.
38- the planes are gone!
39- Ken Fluney racing with Mike calling for him.
40- Mike and Ken following the plane around the second of three pylons.

Photos continue on the next post.


Frank v B:
Photos continued:
42- Rick's perspective: Dad Rick helping his son Corey.  Corey's perspective: "Dad, stop telling me what to do!"
44- Ken standing in the beans to make way for the landing.
45- Temac's Greg smiling halfway through the racing.
Note to the left of Greg in the background is the scatter pylon (Canadian Flag on top).  The other two pylons are about 1/4 of the way in front of Greg.
46- Mike holding Corey's plane.  In the background, Dave holding Rick's plane before the start.
47- special effects photo.  Andy will have something to say about this. Dave holding Rick's plane for identification.

Thanks to the boys from Orangeville and the 4 people who came just to volunteer (Robert, Bob, Mike's wife and Greg).


Thanks Frank, a great write up and pictures. Who is that old guy standing in the beans, he must be scare of flying into pylon pole 3. lol.lol.


I cannot Compete with the writting styles of Frank... you win. Great to see you again!
but i will add some photos.

It was great day for all, and it was great to see Glen (getting faster!!) and Greg H (photo guy and helper who needs to race next tiime!)...
Maybe next time we (ME) will make some trophys and prizes?! we will see....
anywho, we had a tone of fun and practiced some Q500 and i even brought a Q40 (180mph) to make sure my nerves are working...  ;D

I have some video... one of my dads planes going in the beans, the race for first between me and Mike Baker.. see if can figure out how to get on this forum....


just a few more shots from the weekend


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