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E F 1 Racing

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Hi everyone at Temac and E F 1 pylon racers, for this year I am planning to host 2 fun races at Orangeville, first is Sun. June 12 and the second is Sept. 18. We still will be following the covid rules but hoping everything will be OK by then.
There are no E F 1 ARF's available now, which is some what disappointing, as it is very difficult for new people who might want to try electric pylon racing. However there is still some kits available from the designers, I hear there might be a new ARF onthe hitting market by late fall.
Because of all of this, I have come up with an electric Quickie 500 and will be doing some test flying this summer, it should go pretty well. These planes are a box type fuselage, a sheet foam wing [span of 52 inches] and a sheet balsa tail, the power is the same setup as E F 1.
The Quickie's fly very well, with no take off problems and might not be as fast as the E F 1's. Also the good thing is these planes can be used to sport fly every day and fun fly's, just a good knock around type of a plane.
If anyone is interested in building Quickie, just send me a PM for all the details.
Will post a picture later.

Pictures now add thanks to Greg Hazelton


Frank v B:
The punishment continues. 
Have written down the dates.  Thanks for running the series again.

This year we should require Cory to fly with a scale drag chute or switch to a 3 cell set-up.   ;D

Cory, scale this down!   ;)


(Mr. Second-last)

Cory would win with a 3 cell and a 25 900KV motor.
Frank I will leave it to you, to twist some arms in the club.

Haha drag chute! good one Frank
Not sure about that Ken!? lol

years ago a friend of mine towed a kite behind his airplane.... maybe 20' of line? i was in the air with a sport plane and he tempted me to try and cut it off!  we came in slow down the runway, my plane slightly above... i dove down to cut and missed just behind the kite! I pulled up to try and cut again (with more speed now!) and i cut off his tail!! spectacular crash!! and yes i did a victory roll!

fun story... anywho... yes lets get some racing going

Temac guys, just a reminder about the E F 1 race Sun. June 12, start time 10:30. Hope to see everyone there and some of the guys who have not race for a couple years. If you know of someone who is interested, I have a NIB Shoestring and Scarlett Sreamer, I prchased these because there is no ARF kit available anymore, hoping for some new guys to give racing a try.
Also I have new all white, with red and black trim Estrelitta for sale, just the plane, needs motor,  ESC servos and radio.
Hope to see everyone on the 12th.



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