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E F 1 Race at Orangeville

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Just a reminder about the race on Sept.18, hope to see some Temac guys at it.
The Brantford crew is down at Hobart, In. racing this weekend, so get practicing for our race.
GO Fast-Turn Left
Ken Fluney

Frank v B:

I am scheduled to go.  Vadim has been flying his EF-1 regularly to learn how to control it at speed.
Here is hoping some other TEMAC members can make it.  Will beat the bushes....or the 7' tall corn stalks. ;D


Good stuff Frank.
See you at the race.


Looking forward to it boys!!
I witnessed electric q500 (vtail) this past weekend. Same set up as ef1 running a 9x6 I think. They flew awesome.
Ken will have one to demonstrate. The planes are easier to fly then ef1 I believe. Take offs and landings are like butter!

something seems to be wrong with Simons email?!
hope to see a good temac turnout!


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