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EF-1 race tomorrow in Orangeville- Sept. 18, 2022... BE THERE!

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Frank v B:
Tomorrow is the EF1 race in Orangeville.  Vadim and I are travelling together.  Poor Vadim.  We hope some others can make it.

9 am at Tim's Schomberg.

A copy of my post last night:

Team TEMAC .  Time to turn left and go fast.  Please come and join us for the racing.  It is fast-paced, fun and full of compliments and friendly insults.

Anyone who can attend...racing or helping.

We will meet at Tim Horton, Schomberg for a top-up coffee.  I will buy a coffee and Donut/muffin for all attending.
Tim's is on Hiway 27, 1 km south of highway 9 (south end of Holland Landing, about 5 km's west of Hiway 400)

Off to the races.  We leave Tim's by 9 am.  In brackets are the cumulative distances from Tim's Schomberg (67 km's).

West on Hiway 9 for 34.1 km's where #9 "T's" into #10 at Orangeville where the McDonald's is located just north of the intersection (west side).
North on Hiway 10  for 13.4 km's (47.5 km's) to Sideroad 20.  This is just after you see the first Windmills to the west.
West (left) on 20 for 16.3 km's (63.8 km's) until the road ends at a "T" intersection stop sign.  Turn right (north)... after you stop!
North on this road.  After 1.4 km's (65.2 km's) it turns into a gravel road.  At the 3.2 km (67.0 km's) mark from the "T" intersection you will see a farm on the right.  It is the first farm north of the little concrete bridge in the road. Drive between the buildings and turn left at the fork in the driveway (200').  Just before you hit the grass runway  (300 ft) it turns east (right).  You will see the cars and the flying fools our competitors.


Frank v B:
Found this photo in a 1960 Air Trails Annual magazine.

Note the blistering speed of 41.23 miles per hour (66.353 km/h).  I am glad they took it to two decimal places.  A new record no less.
Even I could place in that race!*  ;D


* Cory's thought bubble would be something like "in your dreams Frank!"

Frank  Weather is OK here at Orangeville, clearing off, see you in 1 1/2 hrs.

Frank v B:
Temac came and Temac conquered.... the last two spots on the race results board.

Vadim and I went to Orangeville* today for the EF-1 Pylon races.  We had a good time and Vadim beat me in the standings.  Cory and Rick Paine, Ken Fluney, David Ford, Vadim and I had a great time until it started to rain.

The racing was fast and furious and at times a little scary.  Always light hearted, always instructional and always fun.  This was Vadim's first time racing EF-1's. 
The racing is weird.  There are 3 pylons and the racers and callers stand in the middle of the course.  10 laps, full speed with the pilots and callers pivoting around as if in a control line circle.  10 laps in 1 minute 15 to one minute 50.  Full throttle all the way.

Thanks to Ken and the boys for the preparations and for putting up with us.


ps: in case you think these are bunch of average Joes, they have been racing on the north American Pylon scene for decades.  Cory just came back from Indiana with a national speed record of 10 laps in one minute seven seconds.  Happy to be on the course with him. :)

*20km west and 10 km north of Orangeville

Photo report:
34- the 6 pilots and their planes L to R Cory, Vadim, FvB, Dave Ford, Rick Paine, Ken Fluney.
35- Rick and Dave ready to launch
36- Cory (foreground) with Rick's plane.  David with Ken's plane ready for a start.
38- A 2 prop day for Vadim.
40- Cory and Ken
42- Tree 1, David's plane 0.  He hit a 10' high tree-like pylon during the race. ;)
43-  Rick as if he were in England.  It started to rain.
44- Ken calling out the results after tabulating them on his fingers and toes.

Thanks for coming up to Orangeville and doing the go-fast, turn left stiff. Wasn't the best day but was fun anyway. It was great to see Vadim doing his stuff in his first race, flew very well.
Thanks for teaching him how to pylon race.
Looking forward to next year.


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