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Electric Formula1 National Record


Frank wrote nice things about me and felt i should elaborate on how that transpired. Ken Fluney hosting races and the involvement of TEMAC coming out and racing has kept Pylon racing in Ontario alive! Our numbers are down a bit but thats ok, staying positive for the future!

as far as the National record goes... Electric formula1 has been around for about 8 years now??  Ken Fluney basically was at ground zero when it started, and between ken and myself, we dove into it. A few guys from my club and a few from your TEMAC club also got the bug and away we went. having fun teaching this style of pylon racing that has been around since the 1960s! EF1 also was the reason i got back into the other classes i used to race in. (as well as my dad, Dave Ford and Mike Baker) we are kinda re born.

Just recently at the American Nationals 2022, EF1 was recognized as a national event, and official records are to be kept. In saying that, I was having a pretty good day, 3rounds-3 first place finishes.
In my 4th round, I double cut racing the eventual winner of the event. I finished 10th out of 30 with a fast time of 1:11.75.... there was a faster time of a 1:09.. but there is within 5% rule of a "backup" time to hold record. I also had a 1:12 for the contest thus making me the First National Record holder for EF1!! I had to send in official documentation of my flight times and details of the event. Plus had to have My Rickey Rat inspected to make sure it adhered to the rules, as well as Motor, ESC and batteries.

when they told me i kinda laughed, cause i knew it was a good time, but not a great one and that somebody soon would break it. Non the less, I paid my $25 US, sent all my stuff in for approval and the AMA sent an official document of the record, cover letter from the AMA president and commemorative stickers.

A month later, My record was beat (handily) with a 1:08.35! he is a good friend of mine and we are having some laughs about this.
Dad, Dave and i went to a smaller race in Indiana, just a week ago.... and i had some tight laps with another fast friend. on about lap 4 i got ahead of him and turned a 1:07.23!!! for the win!
This was not officially a national event and i did not have another time within the 5% rule.... so his record stands. Now i have a goal to get it back!

I still official hold the record for Canada but nothing official from MAAC yet... maybe they dont send stuff? not sure....

so thats that. thanks for reading!

i will post a link to my video of my 1:11 and my 1:07, if you care to watch!


Congratulations on your record!! Amazingly fast, too fast for my reflexes.

thanks Guy!


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