Dam those weather forcaster ;)

Started by rkhoo, April 09, 2006, 12:40:07 AM

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They said it will be 6C today and boy let me tel you the wind makes it feels like -1C.

Made my way to the TEMAC field.  It as still wet.  I park before the tree line and walk in.

Grass are growing nicely.  They sure do enjoy the moisture.  For folks that goin' in on Sunday.  Bring your booot.

Never the less, I still mamnged to fly for about 45 minutes with my EZStar.  Gliding and fighting the wind.  It must be about 25Km/h.  It was too windy to do any hand-catch.

My finger was so numb that I have to stop flyin'  Boy that was fun!

Just another fine day at the TEMAC field.


This morning's forcast calls for 10 degree weather afternoon and 5km winds.