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Author Topic: Monday at Rogo Field- Sept 20  (Read 285 times)

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Monday at Rogo Field- Sept 20
« on: September 20, 2021, 08:56:16 PM »
Another beautiful day. Stopped by today after a business appointment nearby....without a plane.

Photo report:
49- Michael had trim problems with the Gloster Meteor until he realized he put a 4S on one engine and 6S on the other one.  Flew fine but he did not realize the mistake until after the flight was over.
50- Glenn prepping his Mosquito
51- ready to go.
52- Rob, what did you find attached to the weeds at the end of the runway?  The port winglet of his jet when attempting a touch-and-go.
54- Rob's jet with the missing port winglet.
55- Michael and his P-51.
56- Glenn and his Hurricane.  A one-man WW2 squadron.
57- ready for battle.  Glenn's Hurricane (front) and Michael's P-51 (back)
60- one wheel off the ground.
61- Rob savouring life.
63- Rob and Glenn ready to fly their Mosquitos
66- take-off roll.


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