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Author Topic: RedEagle designer in Holland receives his Canadian Care Package  (Read 217 times)

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RedEagle designer in Holland receives his Canadian Care Package
« on: December 30, 2021, 06:28:58 PM »
Some of you who probably remember Jack Higgins' build project of the RedEagle 2 meter power glider.  He established contact with the designer, Ton van Munsteren who lives in Holland.  We have stayed in touch and I met him in Holland about 5 years ago and flew two of his designs at his flying field.

Recently our member Richard Budney was involved in a project with a diesel engine that was being shipped and flown around the world.  Ton participated in this event as well before Richard received the engine.

There is a resurgence of vintage planes and vintage IC engines in Western Europe.  I donated some older engines that I will never be using again.  My younger brother who lives in Holland delivered the package to Ton this week.

The photo show Ton in his workshop in his house.  He is proof that a good model airplane collection is always one short.


Photo 1 shows Ton in his workshop. 
Photo 2 shows the contents of the Care Package.  The engines include a Cox .09 Medallion, A Norvel .074, a Webra 1.5cc diesel (from my first model airplane in 1963 when I was in grade 3) and some other Cox engines and parts.
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