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Trading Post / Free plans
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 08:12:19 PM »
Going through the stuff in my shop.

Free plans if you can use them:
- Great Planes PT 20
- Great Planes Electricub
- Midwest Electric Hots 41"
- Ben Buckle Fokker D8
- Quarter scale BD 5D appears to be 60 size. Plans by Dan Saxon Palmer.
- Great Planes Super Sportster 40
- Hammer 20- Dick Sarpoulos
- Puddlemaster Ace Rc 48" span
- Great Planes Kaos 40
- Elliptick- speed 280 indoor electic.
- Super JoyStick 20 (42" low wing) Noel Roselle
- Navigator flying boat by Jetco

Just let me know through this post.

Balsa dust!  Love it.

The first day of spring is when Michael has finished his 4th project.
This is project #1.  Please keep building to help speed up spring!


I use an old technique to help in sheeting curved sections with balsa.

Before actually gluing, I soak the pieces that will be curved with Windex (plain water will do almost as well). I let it soak in for a few minutes, and it helps the wood to bend without cracking. I then secure the parts (wood grain perpendicular to the bend) with elastics to a curved shape close to the size of what's needed. This dries quickly, and the balsa retains most of the curve.

With the curve in the balsa, it is easier to apply and glue, and less likely to crack or break.

The fuselage sides are made of balsa, with plywood and balsa parts added for strength where needed, however, the rest of the basic fuselage construction is all in plywood. The parts fit is fair (not very good), and the gluing was not what I anticipated. While balsa glues to balsa with CA very quickly, plywood to plywood joints require more (medium consistency) CA, and more time to dry. Also, minor cutting and sanding of parts, to help fit, is also not as easy as with balsa.

The fuselage is not built over plans; it is basically assembled and glued together in your hands or on your workbench. In fact, there are no plans, and no 3-view drawings for reference.

Anyway, complaints aside, it took me a couple days to assemble the fuselage, and now I am beginning to sheet (balsa) the upper fuselage.

I would suggest to anyone, to trial-fit and assemble parts, even a few steps ahead, to make sure parts fit, before committing to glue.

Building / Construction / Dancing Wings Tiger Moth 980 cmm wingspan
« Last post by Michael on Today at 04:04:26 PM »
Even though I plan to fly all winter long, there are some days when the weather is just not right. For those days, building a new model is in order!

My newest project is a laser cut balsa and ply kit of a Tiger Moth. It has a 980cm wingspan, so it should fit in most cars fully assembled. The version I bought was under $300, but that also included a brushless motor, speed control, servos and a propeller.

It looks like a great quality kit, but I started having some reservations once I got started.

TEMAC Events / Re: First Meeting Since 2020
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 06:59:48 PM »
Great evening.  Good to see the active members who could make it. 
We sure are desperate to get the flying season going again...in warm weather.

Thanks to Pat for the presentation.  Agree with Simon that it was brilliant.  I started with control line and flew a lot starting in grade 3!  The combat and control line stunter were amazing to see.  Their simple complexity was inspiring.  Pat's shipping boxes showed better workmanship than some of our flying projects.

Thanks to Simon Chapman for his eggbeater presentation.  There are two quotes that come to mind regarding helicopters
- "helicopters do not fly.  The earth rejects them" ;)
- "a helicopter is a bucket of bolts flying in formation" ;D
Simon, you can bring your helicopters to the field any time.  We will just stand back in awe.  You will have the sky all to yourself.  You don't have to be so polite!  8)

Six of us started before the meeting with a dinner at Swiss Chalet.  See photo...taken by Andy.

Photo report:
41- dinner before the meeting with Rob, Pat, Graham (looks like he was still suffering from jet lag after his trip to Japan), George.  Andy was the photographer.
46- Pat starting to assemble his control line stunter.
47- the plane comes apart into a small shipping box.
49- the members
50- more members
51- the official looking guys.  We would not let them sit at our tables. ;)
52- Greg Cadez's mom came to make sure he behaved.  Graham went to check on her.
55- Pat and his indoor RC model.  Weighs less than the weight of the glue we use on an average airplane project.
62- Simon and his Mixmaster.  ;)

Thanks Rob for organizing the evening and the venue.

TEMAC Events / Re: First Meeting Since 2020
« Last post by sihinch on Yesterday at 08:50:01 AM »
It was a fabulous meeting! So great to see everyone and it really energized me for the winter build/repair (and maybe flying!!) season.

@pmackenzie your presentation was brilliant! I loved learning that little bit more about matters I knew nothing about. For me the highlight was your F3P aircraft but loved the whole thing.

And thanks Si for the impromptu heli lesson! They still scare the crap out of me.

Congrats to the board for another “top” year. Can’t wait for the 20th anniversary t-shirts!   ;D
TEMAC Events / Re: First Meeting Since 2020
« Last post by GuyOReilly on Yesterday at 08:39:52 AM »
Thank you @pmackenzie for your presentation!
The videos made me dizzy this morning  :o
Havea great day!
TEMAC Events / Re: First Meeting Since 2020
« Last post by pmackenzie on Yesterday at 06:28:24 AM »
Great time at the meeting last night, hope I didn't go on too long :)

Here are some videos of the type of models I discussed.

F3P flight last weekend in Cobourg

F2B (control line stunt) flight in Perth Australia (In the audio at one point you can here a control line speed model being flown, as well as a combat match)

Another F2D flight between me and my brother, at Centennial park in Toronto

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