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Started by bfeist, November 22, 2012, 09:25:02 PM

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At the pilot's meeting yesterday, there was much discussion about building in general and the interesting craft involved in building light, strong structures.
I thought I would repost a document from another club that was written by Martin Irvine base on a lecture given by Keith Shaw, a pioneer in electric flight and scratch building. Keith still visits the Kingston funfly every year and brings absolutely beautiful and original planes with him.

This document is simply titled What It Takes To Be Successful at Building and Flying Electric Airplanes It was written in 1992 and power systems aside, it is still completely relevant today.



Hey Ben,

Great idea.  Thanks for reposting this.

Just a small detail correction in order to give credit.  This was written by Martin Irvine, of Kingston, as a transcript of a lecture that Keith gave at the 1992 EMFSO Annual General Meeeting.  Very simple, yet valuable information for every TEMAC member.



Thanks rob, I corrected the original post.