Morphine Bill of Materials, Equipment, and Instructions

Started by piker, October 21, 2014, 04:53:58 PM

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Just checked the plan and can't see the CG. Can you give me a measurement please Robert?


Hey Simon.  Your CG should be 3.75" back from the LE where the wing meets the fuselage.


Ugh!  Simon!  You were supposed to question the CG location I offered above.  I was trying to sabotage your test flight as a joke   :P

But I'd hate for this to become a permanent recommendation. 

The proper CG as measure on my flying Morphine is 1.5" back from the LE of the wing at the fuselage.  NOT 3.75"    ;D


I thought you were crazy! I think I used something like 1.75"

I asked the expert but in the end trusted myself!

I saved the maiden flight for tomorrow, I was getting used to flying the Nooner today. Getting the eye in and reflexes warmed up.


Does anyone know if it is OK to have both analog and digital servos in one plane?
I am using the HS-55 analogs for the ailerons and using a digital for the elevator.


I don't know of any reason why they can't be mixed.