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Started by piker, October 27, 2014, 10:26:50 AM

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I'll provide here a bunch of pictures to supplement the plans, instructions, and build class... for reference.  Feel free to ask questions.

I have yet to take pictures of the whole build process, but I'll post what I have.  I'll try to get the rest taken and posted before I head off on a business trip on Wednesday. 

1.  The ply motor tube wrapped around the motor

2.  The tube and the firewall

3.  The firewall glued into the tube

4.  The motor tube assembly with the motor in

5.  All the parts for the fuselage and tail

6.  The 1/32 ply doublers added

7.  The 1/4" square corners added

8.  The 1/4" square F4 and F5 added with the front wing mount plate


1.  Adding the other fuselage side to F4 and F5, and checking alignment at the front

2.  Checking alignment at the stab mounting surfaces

3.  Bringing the tail together with the 1/4" stringers in the way

4.  Sanding the taper into the stringers

5.  The result

6.  Checking fit before gluing

7.  Checking wing saddle to stab saddle alignment before gluing

8.  The motor tube glued into F2


1.  The motor tube in the nose of the Morphine with the 1/4" stringers in the way

2.  The stringers cleared out

3.  The motor tube assembly glued in

4.  Overall view so far

5.  The rear wing mounting plate and saddle doublers

6.  The wing front mounting plate

7.  The fuselage bottom cross sheeting

8.  Bottom cross sheeting trimmed to square edge


1.  The top of the fuselage with the forward cross sheeting in place

2.  The BOTTOM wing skin showing the cut line inside the LE and TE reinforcement

3.  The BOTTOM sheet at the tip

4.  The TOP wing skin showing a little extra length at the TE

5.  The 1" extra sheeting added to the end (both ends top and bottom) to take the 36" sheet to 38"

6.  Two wings, in their core beds, after the sheeting has been glued on, and under a board and weight overnight


Crap, this is more instruction and pics than I got in both of my big complicated builds combined! I should be able to knock this out in a week! lol! Thanks for this!


Three things are certain ... Death, Taxes and CRASHIN'!


That's the point.  I want it to be a quick and easy build for everyone so we can do more racing!


I've had lots of great discussion with Ken C. about the Morphine build and design, and he's expressed concern about the tube wrapped around the motor and heat build up.  I'm not concerned as I feel the motors are running cool and there's no direct cooling for them anyway.  But, he did have me thinking...

Really the ply tube idea was suggested to offer a larger gluing area between the sides, top, and bottom, and the 1/16" ply motor mount.  I then felt that using F2 would offer a nice way of aligning the motor.  The extra gluing surfaces does certainly help, but is only really needed at the front, say, 3/8" of the tube.  I suggested that trimming the tube to about that 3/8" to 1/2" length would solve the cooling concerns and still satisfy the gluing requirements.  I figured I'd try it in my most recent fuselage construction, and it seems to work fine.  Also, since F2 wasn't needed anymore, I added a couple of 1/4" cross braces at the optional F3 location to help maintain a gentle curvature of the fuselage sides.  I used 1" long pieces between the 1/4" square fuselage stringers.

I like the way it turned out and I'd suggest that approach for everyone else.  See pictures below.

BTW, don't worry too much about a nice clean fit of the fuselage sides around the motor tube.  Just get it stable and as close as possible, fill the gaps, then sand the sides, top and bottom, down to the tube.  THs should give a nice, round fit behind the spinner.


1.  Drilling the Nyrod exit hole in the fuselage.  I put mine through the 1/4", left side stringer.  I used a small diameter, brass tube with the end sharpened.  Chucked into a brill made creating the hole easy

2.  A closer look at the tube that cut the hole

3.  The hole relative the the stab location

4.  The Nyron in place

5.  The hole in the bottom of the fuselage for pushrod hookup

6.  Looking through the bottom of the fuselage with a couple of Nyrod stabilizing points glued in and to the Nyrod

7.  The three inches from the tail end of the fuselage where the Nyrod exits

8.  The wing with the LE, TE, and tips installed prior to sanding


1.  The wing tip at TE

2.  The wing tip at LE

3.  Root at LE

4.  Root at TE

5.  Wing TE prior to sanding

6.  The fuselage and wing sanded to shape

7.  The sanded wing tip LE

8.  The sanded wing tip TE


1.  Wing TE

2.  Fuselage tail showing sheeting the stab and Nyrod exit

3.  Rough sanded nose shape

4.  Wing saddle showing doubler and wing bolt down plate (not drilled and tapped yet)

5.  Wing saddle showing the wing LE hold down




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Is this one for sale?  ;)

Well I do have two others just like it, plus my already flying one.  For you?????



Man you should have drawn the plans for the Solent, with this kind of detailed instructions this build should be a no brainer!


Three things are certain ... Death, Taxes and CRASHIN'!


I got my wing sheeting cut and the fuse sides cut with the ply reinforcement added.