Oscar's Red Eagle

Started by Oscar, April 15, 2015, 12:35:09 AM

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My Glider is almost done.  :D


Michael, Jack, Robert, Frank (and others who had helped me) - A BIG THANK YOU!!  I couldn't able to complete it without your help.   This is a great building class for beginners.   I never thought I can able to build a plane :)

The motor is DOA.  I placed the order already.  Last I checked from HK, it's in processing stage.

Otherwise, other electronics are tested.  (binding works - I only have to reverse the elevator)

In addition, I have setup the FPV gear.  I am planning to mount them outside the fuselage.  It will be velco so it can easily to remove. (the camera is mounted with screw)

I am not planning to do FPV in the maiden flight.  But I will set it up to record the footage. 

Here is the FPV setup.  ;)


Well done Oscar, now can you help Mike get ready?

Remember the big Red Eagle maiden is Saturday the 25th.
That's when the whole class will maiden, do not fly before then or I will be very upset.

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Hey Oscar!  Your Red Eagle looks GREAT!  Good work!

And the FPV stuff is cool.  I gotta get mine tricked out like that!


Great video Oscar. Really helpful for others. Nice one!


Great work Oscar; the video really shows to us oldies what can be done. Impressive!

Frank v B

Oscar, great going.

If your new motor does not show up before the maiden day, I will bring a spare E-Flite 480 with ESC and we can bolt it onto the nose and at least fly that day.  It will only take 20 minutes to install and will not mess things up when your own motor arrives.   Book the day off and be there.  We would love to see your RedEagle fly.


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Thank you Frank.  I just checked the status.  It's in Custom now waiting for clearance.    :D


Jump around!!!!

Nice one Oscar. Congrats!


Love the moves with the music!! You should consider adding speakers on your red eagle!!


My maiden flight went well in a windy afternoon. THANK YOU Jack, Michael, Robert, Frank !

Here is my summary log of my Red Eagle (from start to maiden).  :D

Muted if you don't like the background music.



Congratulations Oscar, it's wonderful to see you persevere and be so successful in the end.

Jack, Frank and Robert.
A motto to live by:
"What other people think of me is none of my business"


What a fabulous video diary.  Really nice work Oscar - you did a great job. Congratulations.