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Started by Michael, November 11, 2021, 06:59:27 PM

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For 2021, as in December 2020, our Annual General Meeting will not be held at an indoor location. The board has agreed that we will handle the business issues on our TEMAC website forum in 2 different threads. This will obviously be somewhat less formal than an in-person meeting.

These threads will be in the General Discussion portion of the TEMAC forum.

The first thread will feature summaries/reviews of the board members, outlining what has been accomplished during the past years board term, relating to their specific responsibilities to the club. (Board members, this is officially your invitation to prepare and post your reviews.) These should be posted before the end of November 2021.

The second thread will be for the new board election. Anyone who wants to declare their intent to run for a board position, or to nominate another (who must accept that nomination to run). Rob Dickinson, David Kates and I will run for the same positions again; Special Events Coordinator, Vice President and President, respectively. Athol Cohen will not be standing for re-election as Secretary-Treasurer, but has nominated Mark Satin as a replacement, and Mark has accepted that nomination. Athol has very kindly offered to help Mark transition into that role, should he be elected. If no other candidates for specific positions are declared, those standing/nominated will be acclaimed. Any voting will close on Friday December 3 at 6pm.

Hopefully, we will follow up a few days later with a fun Zoom meeting for a few laughs.

Pragmatically, the board has decided to allow current membership status to remain in effect until the end of January 2022. By the end of January 2022, membership fees will have to be paid to maintain membership in good standing (in order to fly at the field).

Links to the AGM forums below, on the website.

Cheers to everybody

Michael Rogozinsky, TEMAC President

Board Reviews:

Election Thread: