August 21, 2022 - PIZZA DAY

Started by Michael, August 11, 2022, 07:17:11 PM

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On Sunday, August 21, 2022, we will be offering free pizza and cold drinks to all TEMAC members who come by the field. This will be an informal get-together, with fun-flying from 10 am, noon-show by expert-flyer Paul Hepworth, more fun-flying, lots of prizes to be raffled, an auction, and more fun-flying.  We're still following COVID-19 protocols, so please maintain a reasonable social distance from other members, and please do not touch anyone else's property without their permission.  The corn surrounding our field is very high, so if anyone can bring a drone with a suitable video system to help locate lost planes (if needed), that would be appreciated.



We will have a live auction, around 2pm, at the field. Several nice items have been donated by past members Gordon Braun-Woodbury and Brian Michez.

The model airplanes (not the kits) all have brushless motors, speed controls and some radio equipment. There is no guarantee on any items, and they all need some degree of Tender Loving Care (i.e.: work, repair, etc.).

Auction terms: Cash paid on the spot; bidding live at the field only. No online bidding – no exceptions. Everything is sold in "AS-IS" condition.

Auction lots include:

1. Multiplex Mentor. Starting price: $10.
2. Super Dimona motor glider. Starting price: $10.
3. Spirit of Yesteryear – 3 meter Scooter glider balsa kit. Starting price: $10.
4. Kadet LT40. Starting price: $10.
5. Glimpse quad copter. Starting price: $10.
6. Horizon Hobby Stinson Reliant. Starting price: $10.
7. Grafas composite motor-glider and carrying case. Starting price: $10.
8. Flair Bristol Beaufighter balsa kit. Starting price: $10.


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