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Hi Ben,

I went to the Events Calendar and there is nothing there?  I know Simon has events posted, but if club members don’t know where to look for his information they won’t find it.  Would it be possible to link Simons' list to this one for club members ease of finding club activities?

Great website by the way :D

Yes, it looks like the entire events calendar disappeared when viewing from Internet Explorer.
I can see it with Chrome but not IE.

Ben @bfeist , could you please check what happened?

Many thanks,

Frank v B:

My e-mail to you two days ago to say the events calendar had disappeared was not just to say "Hi" to you. ::)

Does everyone know the Pilots Meeting is on this Wednesday, Nov 14 at Colonel Mustards???  Better send a notice out.  The 2 members I have talked to seemed surprised.


Ah shucks, Frank.  I thought you were just being sociable.
Anyway, time to turn a new page (hint to Frank-  turn your calendar to November...)
The Pilots Meeting is this Wednesday, the 11th/November.

I am hoping that Ben gets a chance to see why some of us are not able to view the events.
In the meantime, here is a screenshot.



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