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MAAC Safety Code


These documents form the basic rules of RC flight in our part of the world. All pilots and prospective pilots should be familiar with their contents and abide by the rules while at the field.



If you are a new or past member, please take a few minutes and read over this information.    ;D

As everyone (hopefully) knows, our club motto is "Have Fun, Be Safe & Be Courteous."  Building on Greg's comments, I'd like to add a little reminder for safety (and courtesy.)

When flying over the runway, as part of your circuit (which I think some people refer to as "being in the pattern") please ensure you do not violate the flight-line. Especially if you have called and/or are performing a low pass.

For simplicity, you should consider the flight-line to be the centre-line of the runway. 

The MAAC minimum is 7 meters from the pilot stations. 

Please, do not fly too close to the pilot stations.

Thank you,


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