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RC Flight Instruction Wed Aug 8



The forecast is fantastic. Charge your batteries and get ready to fly tonight. Instruction starts at 6pm.

Will do!

I fixed the cosmetic damage on the At-6 (canopy hair line cracks).. it flew great!  Thanks for all your support last night!  Thanks to everyone at the field.  The re-maiden of Franks old AT-6 went perfect!  Nice and slow take off is all it needed.

I wish Frank was here to see it!   But he has his hands full with the little one...  Wonder if he is teaching him the sticks early?


Another awesome night for flying at TEMAC. I lost track of the number of planes I flew this evening, and only one of them was mine!

Here's the breakdown of tonight's proceedings:

1. Avri, Manuel, and one other pilot (help me here Simon) earned solo privileges. (Memo to self... Bring a pen next week... :) )

2. Stephen EARNED HIS WINGS!!!!!!! With some great piloting, and an awesome landing with his NEXSTAR which was minus the nose wheel for reasons unknown.

3. Greg and Ron entertained us with some sonic combat with their Parkzone WW1 warbirds.

All 5 pilot stations got a good workout tonight. It was busy, but the field was safe and the pilots were courteous. Remember to call your landings and be mindful of the traffic pattern in the air.

 Let's have more nights like this one.

Till next time...


Most active Wednesday night ever in the history of the club.

I estimate about 30 pilots over the evening, with lots of good training and instruction.

Overall, the mood was quiet and relaxed, and the weather was fantastic.

Manual also got solo privilege.

Affan was with me and is ready to fly without the buddy-box! Congrat Affan (good luck with the repair!  ;))

A great night - congratulations Stephen.

Only downer for me was that I lost my Dynam Spitfire canopy in the beans.  If you happen to be out there ( ;D) would you keep an eye out for it?  It's painted in tan & brown desert colours. Thanks! It is somewhere between 60-100ft out, due South-East, from the far right (SE) corner of the runway.



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