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RC Flight Instruction Wednesday 15th August

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While Mike's away, the students will play! ;)

It's a wonderful forecast and it's Wednesday! So let's fly!
3-5 knot winds, and beautiful sunshine! Charge those lipos & I'll see you at the field tonight!
Training from 6pm to dusk (about 8.15pm.)

A wonderful evening last night (after the brief shower.)

I enjoyed flying with Burt, who had 2 different trainer types; James had the illuminated fleet up again, which always looks great. Eric was training with Julien, who gave great commentary on what was happening. Ethan flew his apprentice and then attempted to give us a parachute drop from a Cub - unfortunately that didn't work.

Welcome to Francis, it was great to meet you and welcome to TEMAC. I'm sorry we didn't manage to build your plane at the field (even with Greg C's help!)

Poor Stephen had an issue with the esc in his Nextstar - did Ronnie sell it to you? Just kidding!  ;D

Big thanks to Dave from Pinnacle, for all the advice on radio settings, and coming to support the training.

And then all the other great models flying - 2 F-16s, a lovely display of touch-n-go's from Glenn, 2 balsa Spitfires, 2 Synchro EDF gliders......and of course, all our friends from the club. Always nice to hang out, and I think some people did just come to hang-out!

Thanks for making it such fun. :)

Simon, We got Francis's done just before it got dark!   :o   

Dave from PIN had some good suggestions on the issue we had with building it.  In many cases the new foam planes have a bit of left over glue in the hole where the carbon rod goes in.  He said to tapper the front of the rod and to add some baby powder, it will allow the rod to move more freely in the wing.

Otherwise that plane went together fine.  The rest was too easy!   

If Francis reads this.

You need to set up the throws on all 4 surfaces.
Add a drop of nail polish on the cleves that hold the rudder and the elevator control rods.
Make sure the plane is balanced.  Please read all the RC groups / RC Canada threads on the plane.  There is also some members that have the plane.

Best of all...

This is not a trainer.  Please look around for a used Apprentice or something similar.  I know that you have Sim experience.. But man it's way different!  Trust me!

Not to ramble on... But for example.. flying a DR-1 (Red barons plane) in a sim is easy.  The real one is totally different in real life.

Oh and Steve, if you want you ESC back, Dave from PIN left it in my back seat as a joke... Although a 63 bug smells like that any way... I didn't even notice!  At least he sent me an email to remind me!  lol!

Very good night!

Great evening last night - lots of good flying.

My apologies to Greg H and Simon, because I was lazy and left all the training to them.

(I did help Imi a bit with a landing  ;D )

Imi has really improved lately and can fly on his own very well, Jack H, who although he already has his wings, is improving a lot - with really nice takeoffs and landings, and nicely controlled smooth flying maintaining a constant altitude.

Ronnie's big F-16 has great presence in the air, and he lands it gently and slowly.

Lots of respect to Steve whose plane caught fire mid-air, and yet he carefully landed it safely mid field - it appeared to be a motor problem which caused the ESC to overload; it's a rare occurrence but was handled with finesse.

I can't wait till Wednesday again!  :o

I need to learn to fly off land again!


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