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Ryerson University- helping them out in 2016

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Frank v B:
re: Andy's "I would be more than pleased to provide coaching...."

Now I am worried.  I can just see Andy dusting off his snow flying presentation.... the wide rubber bands from asparagus, (blue, green or pink), the 14 layers of clothes, the hip waders.....  :D


Andy Hoffer:
In all seriousness, it was a magnificent day at the field.  Moderate winds straight out of the north, -6C (-11C wind chill), clear blue sky, a nice layer of snow (a few cm), and the driveway and parking are totally accessible.  I had a curious turkey vulture sharing the airspace and providing great company.  Runway is pretty well snow-covered now, and you will need skis or floats if not hand-launching.

I think the Ryerson kids would have loved it.  8)


Frank v B:
Ground School will be at Ryerson 6 pm this Thursday Jan 28.  Room details to follow.  The purpose of the ground school is to check out both planes (glue joints, alignment, servo throws and direction, etc.), bind the transmitters, set up the buddy box, go over safety rules (MAAC and TEMAC) and field etiquette.  There are 4 student pilots.

I will be representing TEMAC but any of the members or instructors who are available can meet me there.



--- Quote from: Frank v B on January 14, 2016, 09:15:41 PM ---Thanks Mike.  Will let you know.  The plans may involve indoor training on buddy cords during the winter.  Ryerson is checking into gym availability now.


--- End quote ---
Perhaps it's already in the works, but seems to me that if the students are complete newbies, some simulator time would be a useful part of a learning plan and easier to co-ordinate than a gym or winter weather!
Would sure liven up ground school! :D

Frank v B:
Mr. Nutz,

They have been given access to a simulator program by Peter Bradley of Ryerson.



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