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Ryerson University- helping them out in 2016

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they paint the ceiling blue ;)

Frank v B:

Thanks for putting Mr. (S)No-Balls in his place. ;D
We will even paint the North star on the ceiling so he can get his bearings.



--- Quote from: Frank v B on January 14, 2016, 09:15:41 PM ---Thanks Mike.  Will let you know.  The plans may involve indoor training on buddy cords during the winter.  Ryerson is checking into gym availability now.


--- End quote ---

OK  keep me posted

Frank v B:
Just got word today that the Ryerson team have bought two Apprentices and they arrived today.  They hope to have them assembled by Tuesday evening.  I will meet with them at Ryerson to go over ground school stuff (binding, throws, etiquette, objectives, behaviour, etc.).  The 4 Ryerson pilots we have been asked to train have confirmed their MAAC membership.  Once the ground school is over, I will be asking for instructors to help.  Mike Hazelton, our CFI, will get to assemble the teaching team.  Hope I am included.... if he thinks I am good enough. :D

That will force me to go out and fly in the snow.  No Andy, I am not wearing my bathing suit.... and stop grinning! ;D


Andy Hoffer:
I would be more than pleased to provide coaching on selection and deployment of snowpants, boots and other winter gear.  These kids need some balanced, unbiased instruction.  ;D



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