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Ryerson Ground school- a laugh.


Frank v B:
Ground school was tonight and it was great fun for both the students and especially the instructors.  The Hobby community pulled out all the stops by sending Ken Wilton and Mike Campbell from Bramalea (aerial, FPV and multi-rotorheads) and Andy Hoffer from Temac...... who failed at his attempt to ruin my seminar ;D.  He made great contributions... at my expense (nothing new :))).

Our objective is to teach 4 pilots how to fly a model airplane so they can be human interveners in a competition of autonomous flying platform(s).  They have picked a fixed wing aircraft.  The competition will be held in Manitoba at the end of April.

We covered ground school elements, MAAC Insurance (which all pilots have), safety rules and checked out two Apprentices (alignment, throws, power-up procedures, field etiquette, etc.).

The next step is to fly at the field.

Thanks to Ken, Mike and Andy for contributing their knowledge and talents and the students for letting us play in their sandbox.


Frank v B:
The Ryerson Ground School presentation outline:

at home
- charge all batteries
- battery safety and dangers
- check bind of the radio
- neutralize trims
- test buddy box throws (not reversed!)
- test motor

MAAC Rules (assumes MAAC approved field)
- 5 people max
- car must be 100' from the flight line

To start
- assemble plane
- do range check
- connect battery (make sure plane is restrained)
- carry plane to the taxiway/runway
- switch on TX before RX
- call take-off/taxiing
- first plane in the air determines the oval (clockwise/counter clockwise).  Take off into the wind.
- always fly ovals to avoid mid-airs
- land into the wind.  Call out "Landing" when on final
- pick up the airplane and turn off the RX, then the transmitter.  If you have to pick it up from the field- call out "on the field".  When you are off the field call out "clear"
- when parking the plane in the pits- disconnect the battery, place plane on the ground, nose into the wind (not on a table) to avoid the wind flipping it.



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