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Ryerson- First lessons successful!! Yeah!


Frank v B:
We met at the field this morning and had a great day flying.  There were about a dozen Ryerson U people there representing two disciplines (autonomous flight, telemetry).  The day had two objectives: 1) to teach 4 students how to fly the Apprentice (Ryerson bought two) and 2) to test fly (maiden) the telemetry test bed plane.

The weather was terrific, sunny, manageable wind, plus 4, dry, no snow... after Graham used his snow tractor to clear the entire runway and field.     Andy, please note the weather forecasting score: Frank's groundhog weather forecasting (stick your nose out the door in the morning and call it) 1, Andy's high tech satellite weather 0 (it called for 35plus km winds, snow flurries, plus 1, none of which happened! ;D)

TEMAC members came out in force.  Thanks to Graham "the snow plough" McNicol, Bill "you gotta try this retirement stuff" Quantock, Andy "S'No-Balls" Hoffer, Mike "I can teach you" Hazelton, Greg "someone's gotta watch my brother" Hazelton, Grace "someone has to watch my dad watch my uncle" Hazelton and BJ "drumming up business" BJ.

Special thanks to Malcolm Cullen whose repaired Apprentice, which was first donated to TEMAC, was sent to an even better home to replace the Ryerson Apprentice we sadly lost today.  It now lives on at the deserving hands of Ryerson students.

There was the successful maiden of the telemetry test bed (7 foot span, 1000 watts) and a subsequent second flight.  Everything returned to earth in one piece, if sometimes not so gracefully.

Greg and Andy took photos so here is hoping they will post some of them.


just a few shots from today...it was a fun day for all?!?

Frank v B:
Just in case you were wondering.  When helping Andy fly his plane, I come prepared with two garbage bags to help pick up the pieces so Andy can carry his plane home ;D


This on behalf of everyone from Ryerson University:

Thank you to all that came out yesterday for Ryerson students. We all had fun!



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