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Ryerson- this weekend Feb 20-21

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Frank v B:
... cold, miserable, blustery, dry, cold feet.  Oops, that was a description of Andy today... The weather was about the same. :D

from the Hoff's earlier post:

"Should be fun watching Frank dance in the rain...   8)"

Not a drop of rain either day.  Yep, the wind was there.  Today it was at least straight down the runway.

Thanks to Greg H., Cadez and Andy for helping out today.  Zarana got three flights in, the last one was with a real instructor.... Greg Hazelton.


Andy Hoffer:

--- Quote from: battlestu on February 21, 2016, 02:53:19 PM ---only one brave student was out today... i think the north wind kept everyone at home :)

or could it be the "characters" that can be found at the field??

we'll never know....

--- End quote ---

Definitely the dude in the red hat!  You'd have to have a really strong constitution to endure that for two days running.  A true testament to Zarana's intestinal fortitude!! ;D

Andy (waiting for this week's snow) Hoffer


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