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Ryerson March 5- Victory!


Frank v B:
Today Aleksander Bukal was the first Ryerson student to solo.  Congratulations.  The test was in front of flight judge Andy "S'No-balls" Hoffer. 8)
This was actually the first Ryerson day at the field without tree-snapping winds.  All 3 students said it was so easy to fly in calm winds.
Alex has been appointed the pilot for the Ryerson Autonomous flight project.

In the next flight we taught Aleksander how to save the airplane from all kinds of awkward attitudes (straight up, upside down, spinning dives, etc.).  His job on the Ryerson project will be to save the project plane if anything goes wrong during the competition flight.

Both Zach and Zarana flew their first entire flights without instructor intervention.  A great achievement.

Thanks to Andy for his help and Bill Quantock for clearing the way to the field.  He was there before we started to fly. :)


Awesome work guys!  To the TEMAC helpers, of course, but especially to the Ryerson group!


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