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Ryerson- flying Sat, March 26

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Frank v B:
They want to try out a new plane for the data logging group.  I will meet them, and any other Ryerson Student(s) on Saturday, March 26 at about noon.  It is a rain date for my Friday morning job but I should be able to get there by noon.


I'm hoping to attend, Frank.  I want to try out a new (Ryerson inspired) plane, too!  :)

Frank v B:
What a great day.  A lot of stuff was flown today:
- Ryerson members flew the flying wing, hex-copter and attempted the new Bix3 (did not co-operate).
- Simon maidened his new flying wing.  Flew great.
- Simon re-re-maidened his repaired Reverb.  Flew well on the first flight but then on the second flight I saw Andy H and Simon do the walk to the bean field with wings and things not looking symmetrical coming back. 
- I re-maidened my repaired Aeronca Champ.  Last year the wings folded at 75 foot altitude and less than 3/4 throttle.  It flew fine after a few trim adjustment to aileron and rudder.
- Glenn did his one-man Battle of Britain flying his Spitfire and the Lancaster, then a leisurely flight of his Bird of Time glider.
- Greg H maidened his RedEagle.  He abandoned last week's attempt using wing warping as a turning mechanism.  Warps are gone.  One wing had severe wash-in.  Easily corrected.
- Greg H maidened his little FliteTest flying wing pusher.  New version of a Zagi.
- Frank (the other one) flew his FliteTest twin foam board cargo plane.  The one he showed the video of using differential thrust on the motors to sweep his garage floor. :)
- Andy H had only half the usual insults because he was busy flying his Pitts (his state of mind, not the airplane  ;D), Extra and Radian.

Graham, BJ and I spent a lot of time playing in the puddles on the driveway and parking lot cutting drainage ditches.

A great day.


Yes, thank you Frank, Graham & BJ for being a very hardworking "unofficial" work crew. Noted and appreciated.

And thanks to Andy for some great shots!

I did indeed crash the Reverb. It dipped a wing drastically on finals and I lost it. Nose went in a good 3". Broke the fuse - again!

Thanks Frank for catching the wing warp... hard to see that in m cave :)
The red eagle was everything i hoped it would be just wished i finished a bit earlier

Also thanks to Andy for taking some great photos of the plane


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