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Ryerson Flying- Sat. April 2 '16

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Frank v B:
There will be Ryerson flying at about noon this coming Saturday.  The good news is... I won't be able to make it.*  The bad news is... Andy probably can make it. ;D
Simon and probably Greg will most likely make it as well so there should be lots of help around.


* Have to attend the triathlon referees meeting in Milton Saturday to be ready for another punishing season.  My wife and I are referees for the National Triathlon Championships in Ottawa in July.  Sure cuts into flying!

Andy Hoffer:

Are you showing the forecast because you suggest it won't be pleasant, or are you showing that it will be perfect "Snowballs" weather?

Andy Hoffer:
I have to admit I was leaning toward the unpleasant side; wet snow and electronics are a nasty mix.  Now if it were about 10 degrees colder with dry snow, that would be perfect!

On the other hand, since Frank won't be there ....  ;D


Meh, these Ryserson guys are pros at flying in garbage weather...


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