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MAAC Safety Code


I'm not sure if you are all aware, but MAACs approach to safety has been revamped, and the Safety Code is now essentially made up of a collection of MSDs - MAAC Safty Documents.

You should probably take some time to review the Safety Documents here:

Some that are more relevant to TEMAC are:

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 3 for All Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 6 for General RC Aircraft

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 7 Need for Spotters & Helpers

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 8 Use of First Person View (FPV) devices

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 11 for RC Night Flying

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 12 for 3D Aerobatics

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 17 Radio Spectrum

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 23 for All Multi Rotor Model Aircraft


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