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We're going to have an online meeting ...

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We're going to have our first club meeting online, in about a week or so. We'll be using the ZOOM app, so download it onto your iphone or ipad, or any suitable/compatible computer that has a camera.

The topic of the meeting will be 'covering balsa models with heat activated film'.

I will do the presentation, followed by discussion.

Athol will be collecting email addresses of those that want to watch and participate.
Please send him your email addresses, and mention that you want to participate:  Athol.Cohen@AtholCohen.com

A Tickler (club newsletter) will be emailed out with some details, and then a day/time will be confirmed.

We are going to have an online ZOOM meeting!

Several TEMAC members have asked for an official online meeting, with the ZOOM app (for iPhone, iPad, etc.). There have been specific requests for a presentation on covering balsa models with heat-shrink plastic film. I’m thinking that it be held 7pm on Wednesday April 22, but we can discuss this on the TEMAC Forum website.

If you want to participate, the ZOOM app requires that you be invited to the conversation, so please send your email address to:   Athol.Cohen@AtholCohen.com

Of course, download the app onto your device. When we do have the meeting on ZOOM, you’ll need to indicate that you’re using video and audio. If you have any questions, ask on the TEMAC Forum website.

Also, please submit questions regarding covering your models on the website.

Everyone that sent Athol an invitation request should have received it. If not, it's possible that he might have missed it. Please resend your request and he'll send you the invitation as soon as possible. If anyone has not yet requested an invitation, there is still time, up to end of day on Tuesday 21st.  Athol.Cohen@AtholCohen.com

Things will get better in a few weeks, and if protocol allows, we will likely be flying at the field again. Please make sure your membership is paid up for 2020. We do not want to collect cheques and cash at the field. Please make an email-money-transfer to: Athol.Cohen@AtholCohen.com

The purpose of the online meeting is twofold.

First, and most important, it is a venue for us to maintain the social relationships we have as a club. Hopefully, the meeting will go smoothly, and maybe be a bit funny and entertaining.

Second, it will be informative, but mostly to beginner builders. It is aimed at modellers who are considering covering their first balsa model airplane with heat shrink covering. Please participate, even if you are an expert builder, because there's always a tip or two that you could potentially use.

I will give a few tips and ideas regarding covering, and then I will cover the the two items shown in the image: a wing section with a carved wing tip, and a stabilizer with rounded front and sides, and square back.

The format of the meeting will be as follows: I will run the meeting exclusively for the first 15 or 20 minutes, preferably with no other input from anyone, essentially to keep it running smoothly. I know many of you will have other ideas and techniques you'd like to share, but in the interest of order, we'll hold that dialogue until after I finish covering the 2 pieces.

Sorry guys, it's after 7 and I haven't received Athol's invitation to the ZOOM meeting. I'm still waiting.

Well, I think that went very well. I really hope you all enjoyed it.


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