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First flight May 16,2020


Frank v B:
Alex and the Ryerson boys brought their new drone for a test flight.  The hover mode went fine for the first flight.
During the second flight they tried transitioning from vertical flight to horizontal flight at about 40 foot altitude.  During the switchover, something went horribly wrong, the nose dipped and could not pull out.  It pancaked into the ground.

- 19 kg total weight
- 5 motors (4 for vertical flight, 1 pusher for horizontal flight).
- Five 120 amp esc's.
- two 6S 16,000 mah in series.

Photos below.


Bill B:
@Frank v B , we just saw this article about these guys on the Ryerson website:

Have they been back to test since May 16? We want to check out their drone!

Frank v B:

They have not been back but they know they are welcome any time.  The damage was quite bad so I am sure it was back to page 1 of the play book.

Drop by any time you are in the area.



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