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Ryerson Quad testing- Saturday August 29Moved to Friday, Aug 28 11-3


Frank v B:
On Saturday, August 29 at 10 am, four Ryerson students will be tested for their Transport Canada certification at our field.  This is a serious examination and quite involved.  It takes about 90 minutes per student of which about a 10 minute portion will be to fly their quads on a defined mission.  The student will then be asked to round out the mission with some requested maneuvers to test a full range of their capabilities.

This test is the Advanced Operations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

I will set up the Examiner and students on the grass near the control tower at the south end of the parking lot.  Most of the exam time is on paper work, planning and safety.  Only a small portion of the time is required for actual flying.


BTW, the examiner is Drew Martin from The Bramalea RC Flyers.  Drew did a presentation at one of our Pilots' Meetings about 3 years ago.  He is now a Transport Canada examiner.

Frank v B:
This testing event has been moved to tomorrow 11 am (Friday).  The weather forecast was better for Friday.


Frank v B:
The testing took place.  Thanks to Drew Martin for doing 4 tests in a row.
Drew called me after dinner to say all 4 students passed the test.

Photos below.  Drew Martin is wearing the white Tilley hat.


Congrats Ryerson team! ;D

And thank you Drew. :)


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