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Join the unofficial "This is not a Funfly" Funfly- Saturday Sept 5 10 am-4 pm

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Frank v B:
I will be at the field this coming Saturday, September 5 from 10 am to 4 pm.  Since we do not have official events at the field due to Covid, this is an unofficial event.  That's why it is called the "This is not a Funfly" Funfly.

Let's see how many people can enjoy the day.  We have already had two occasions when we had 25 people at the field and it was terrific seeing everyone.....properly distanced and having fun.

Remember the Covid rules- be properly distanced (6'), wear masks if closer than 6 feet, do not use the Club tables or chairs, no food supplied.  Please bring your own tables and chairs and your own food or drink.

Weather Forecast:

Sat 09/05
Mainly sunny

Come and join me and fly your brains out while the summer is still here.

- Bring your warbirds for a WW2 strafing run passes over the runway.  We have had days of 4-5 P-51’s on a Wednesday and last Friday. We can assemble more that that on Saturday!
- Bring your biplanes for formation flying
- Bring your leaf blowers (jets)
- Bring your powered gliders for a noon fly-off when the thermals start.
- Bring your fast stuff (V-900, EF-1, etc.).  Anything ballistic.
- AquaStars- all flying boats (CL 215,415, Widegeon, Albatross, etc).
- Watch Greg Cadez fly for the second time this year.  He was successful last week. ;D


ps: since I posted this, I am responsible for making sure everyone meets all the Covid guidelines. Please make my job easy.

Frank v B:
There will be prizes.  Look at the trophy for each of the events.  Nicole is holding the trophy for all to see.
Since this event is called "This is not a Funfly".  The awards are therefore called "This is not a Trophy" trophy. ;D ;D


Frank v B:
Then there is the "This is not the President's Award" Award.

Nicole is holding this one.  Twice the size!


Frank v B:
Then there is the 3rd and final "This is not the Pilots' Choice Award" award.  Nicole can hardly lift it. ;) ;)


Since this is not a FunFly and there will not be any Trophies, nor will there be any enjoyment, then I will definitely not be there!  I am not going and since I'm not going I won't be flying anything.  No Widgeons, no Cubs ('cause I simply can't anyway and it's been banished to the rafters for being a PITA), no T-28's (since I'm waiting for Arden to get in a steel tube for repairs), no T-34's, no Cessna's, no Maules, no Timbers, no Tundras, no Kingfishers, no Sea Angels, no nuttin'.


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