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Ryerson quad test Monday, Sept 14, 4pm


Frank v B:
The next test of the autonomous flight project will be this coming Monday 4 pm at Rogo Field.  This will be the original large scale version.  The one with five 120 amp ESC's.  Four motors are for vertical flight and one is for horizontal flight.


Andy Hoffer:
Hi Folks,

Here are my photos from today's drone test flight.

I know that we were all devastated that the short flight ended in catastrophic failure. We've all been there and definitely share the pain endured by the Ryerson autonomous flight team. Hopefully the insights gained through their debriefing and post-mortem will help mitigate their sense of loss and make them stronger in the end. We truly wish them strength and courage in dealing with this setback. Their team is so very talented and we applaud their collective accomplishments to date, despite the disappointments along the way.  It has been a privilege for all of us at TEMAC to support this group of exceptionally talented students and we wish them every success in the future.  We look forward to continuing this symbiotic relationship between TEMAC and Ryerson University which has been nourished tirelessly for many years by @Frank v B .  We are all richer for it.  Thanks to Frank and the TEMAC Board for their unending commitment to our collaboration with Ryerson.


Andy Hoffer, TEMAC


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