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Ryerson flying Sa/Sun Nov14/15 at 2 pm. *******CANCELLED******

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Frank v B:
Alex has requested a test flight for Ryerson students at 2 pm, Saturday November 14.

We will post updates as we get closer to the day when we get an indication of the weather forecast.


Regardless of TEMAC membership status, please verify that anyone flying has MAAC insurance.

Thanks in advance.

Frank v B:

Will do.


Frank v B:
Ryerson will NOT be at the field this Saturday.  They will attempt to be there on Sunday.  Will get it clarified tomorrow and post it.


Frank v B:
Just got notification that RYERSON will not be test flying at Rogo Field either Saturday or Sunday.

They received permission to fly at Markham airport Saturday.  They have been doing all their test flying at Rogo Field but this test requires a larger area and the Stouffville Road is a barrier we cannot/will not move.

Their test is to geo-map a large area autonomously.  They could have used Rogo Field but it would have cramped their test.

Thank you to Markham airport for their support.



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