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DELAYED- Ryerson Flying- Saturday Jan. 9, 2021 1 pm. NOW SUNDAY 1 pm


Frank v B:
We are tentatively meeting the Ryerson students at the field Saturday, Jan 9 at 1 pm.
Alex will confirm by 8 pm Friday.

MOVED TO SUNDAY, Jan 10 1 pm.


Please remind them / verify about 2021 MAAC membership.

Frank v B:
Ryerson flew two quads, planes, flying devices, UFO's*, flying things today.  Andy took many photos of the first contraption so he can post them later.

The second one was a sophisticated quad designed for use on a specified project for remote and autonomous delivery of medicines.  The motors have 60 amp ESC's and those lime green batteries in the bottom are a total of 12 S, 5,000 mah lipo bricks.  The wheels are directional drive wheels to allow the quad to drive up to the packages of medicines that have CQR codes to identify the "customer" and "customer location" for delivery.


* University Flying Objects


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