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Ryerson- long distance test now Sunday, March 7, 2021 at noon


Frank v B:
Ryerson requested a long distance flight at TEMAC but it could not be accommodated at Rogo Field because of the road and overflying the cows and electric fence.  A quick call to Rudie Nagelmakers of the Beeton Flyers and he had it set up within about an hour. 

The flight test will be at the glider airport at Colgan, Ontario (a large coffee on the dashboard drive from Toronto).  Rudie's buddy owns the land and the guy's uncle owns the 107 acres to the south to overfly so "no problem getting approval".

Rudie and I will be there as witnesses and keepers of the peace, bringers of the coffee and Timbits.

Will report back.


Frank v B:
At 9:30 am I got a phone call from Alex that Mike reported snow flurries at the Beeton Flying field and recommended we re-schedule for tomorrow- Sunday March 7, same bat time, same bat channel.
Rudie, Andy and I are meeting at the Tim's in Beeton at 11:15 am.  Ryerson is scheduled to arrive at the field at 12:00.

Another day closer to spring!

It was great seeing Frank and Andy for the long distance testing and a few flights off the site.  Quite a project the Ryerson guys have developed and the technology wrapped up to do what they have built and programmed.  The down side ............ what Tim Bits and what coffee .........

Hope to see more flights ........


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