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Wings Awards- recipients are free to fly on their own.


Frank v B:
We were not able to hand out the Wings Awards tonight because of the rain.  The recipients are free to fly own their own now. 
Please remember that for safety it is best to fly with a buddy.  If you are at the field alone there are many ways "what could possibly go wrong" could be answered.  Many of the answers are not fun.

- Max
- Jan
- Joe Suskin
- Kelvin
- Mike Veit (almost forgot.  His flying is so good he blends in well ;))

Three others are very close to getting their solo privileges.


Well done, guys... congratulations... well earned.  I'm sorry we had to give the President's Pizza Night a miss... would have been a nice way to honour your achievement.
Hopefully we can re-schedule.



Congratulations Gentlemen
I've enjoyed watching everyone progress and succeed

Congratulations to all!
Well done!


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