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Thank you Alex Shao- Wings award/pizza/President's night


Frank v B:
What a great evening.  I counted close to 30 people (some left early, some arrived later).

The evening was brought to you by the proceeds from all the stuff from Alex Shao that we auctioned off.  Alex left Canada and left some RC stuff behind that he donated to Temac. 

The proceeds paid for the Pizza night ($225).  The remaining $295 was donated to the TEMAC kitty per his request for a future field event.  Some items still need to be auctioned off or delivered and money collected.

Photo Report:
88- Don Duthie gives Andy a piece of his mind.  Something like "Andy, don't point that camera at me!"
89- Philip relaxing in front of a stable of mostly unstable airplanes.
90- Oscar "Mr.TX" managed a smile....under duress after a tough day at work.
91- Michael and Andy
94- Peter with his new Russian pusher prop jet.
96- Vadim trying to squeeze 4 cells' worth of energy out of a 3 cell battery pack.
97- Izzy flew his 2.4 meter power glider for two flights....and landed it on the runway both times. He is a newTEMAC member.


Great fun!
Congrats to the Wing's recipients


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