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Ryerson 2022 Flight Training. Starts Friday April 1, 2 pm


Frank v B:
This season two Ryerson students will learn to fly at Temac.  William and Maya will kick it off Friday, April 1 at 2 pm.
They are using the Apprentice that Bill and Travis used to learn on so William is trying to exorcise their demons out of the plane.  ;)

The other instructors will include Andy (once he finishes his west coast trip) and Graham McNicol who is always game during the day.

Welcome William and Maya.


Nice. I assume this is not related to the drone development.

Will they be members of TEMAC? MAAC?

Frank v B:
A description of this year's Ryerson adventure.... as I understand it:

The project is wireless transmission of power from a base station to an airplane to charge batteries during flight.  It involves GPS tracking so the power transmitter can accurately track the model to allow for the power transmission to take place.  They are trying to get flight test data from the test model that can be applied further into the project.  Initial development will be done via model airplanes to test the technology before scaling up.

Sounds like a real challenge.




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