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Ryerson training confirmed for tomorrow- Friday, April 15, 2-4 pm


Frank v B:
 I will be at TEMAC tomorrow afternoon, Friday, April 15 from 2-4 if anyone needs a test flight, maiden help or just get rid of a few insults.
Ryerson students want to get their first test flight going as well.

The weather looks weird but we will take our chances.

(416) 605-0707

Frank v B:
Well, we got there, we flew and we had witnesses.

Bill and Maya from Ryerson showed up.  The other student, William, could not make it for family reasons.
Graham, Rob D. and Gregor from Temac dropped by.  Guy was smartest of all.  He and his wife dropped by for a total of five minutes. :)

Here are the photos:
98- "Who can take this guy seriously.  He used to be on the Board!"
99- Rob being diplomatic.  He thought it but didn't want to say it.
100- Bill and Maya getting a severely taped up Apprentice going before the flight.
101- Coach Graham saying "then you go up, then you go left"
102- Graham catching his breath. It was tiring talking with his hands.
97- the ghost of Simon kept appearing.  The wind gusts would blow the door open and closed.

BTW, the winds were gusting horizontally and vertically.  The horizontal speed was estimated at 40-50 km/hr.  Because the wind was from the west, it caused rotors off the trees behind the pilot stations and caused severe down dfrafts.

In total, I had three flights.  Two with my own plane (Birdie 10 on 3 cells) and one on the Ryerson Apprentice.

We will be back at it next Friday.


Frank v B:
Photo taken by Graham.  He dropped by just to see if I were stupid enough to fly.  Yes I did!



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