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Training- Wednesday, May 25


Frank v B:
Skeleton crew showed up.  I got there at 5:30 pm* and Greg and Peter were already cycling through students Paul, Ethan, Paul and Ami.  Colin is becoming an Oscar stand-in for transmitter programming knowledge.
5 minutes after everyone left the rain drops started coming down.


* my late slip is in the mail.   ;)  A customer had storm damage that knocked down 16' of 6' high railing on a deck 3' above grade.  Liability claim anyone?

Photo Report:
45- Paul breathing that fresh farm air after smelling pool chlorine all day.
46- who is flying the plane? paul and Greg pretend not to know.
47- Paul looking for divine intervention.... or at least a capable instructor.
48- Peter getting ready to maiden Colin's new FliteTest Tutor.
49- What BJ looks like when he has caught glimpse of a ghost (or me).  He prefers the ghost.
50- Philip prepping before his next student flight.
51- Ethan flying his plane.  He did two good take-offs and two good landings.



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