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Title: Saturday, September 18 at Rogo Field- a beautiful day
Post by: Frank v B on September 19, 2021, 06:22:32 PM
Did some flying between appointments and the usual members were out having a great day.

In looking for my blown battery hatch in the field of beans, we could not find it but found a prop assembly for an Apprentice and a battery hatch for a white plane.  We will probably find my hatch the next visit to the beans when we are looking for something else.

Photo report:

13- Glenn managed to re-maiden his re-built Tri-Pacer. The take-offs and landings were textbook.... as are most of Glenn's flights.  Glenn is polite and crashes once in a while to show us he is still only human.  8)
14- Dave after a flight with his leaf blower.
20- my lost battery hatch on my Super Sportster and the found Apprentice prop assembly and flat white (wood) battery hatch.
21- Rob protecting his completed Top Flite Cessna with the new graphics.  Protecting it because I told him I would steal it from him if he did not.  The Cessna Skylane was my first RC airplane when I was in grade 5 (Goldberg 1/2A Skylane) but never flew it successfully.  Note Dave casually walking by in the background in a polite photo-bomb. (no finger salute!)  :)