need prop for nooner

Started by thehaze, July 06, 2013, 02:55:47 PM

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Ummmmm....  did you manage to land after getting rear ended?

It wasn't my best landing but i only knocked out the firewall

Nice LawnDart!!!!


How did the Nooner handle the larger 3pylon course?   Was there measured time to comparison against the EF1 planes? 
Disappointed I could not make it out Saturday had to work then sundays races are canceled... bummer
Yea 400W/lb should about do it.. But wouldn't a nice round 500 be better?


The Nooners handled the E F1 course just fine [375'long, 100'wide], they are a little slower than the F 1's.
A great little flyer and a fun airplane, would be fast if you get it low and tight on the course. I think a 300' x100' would be a good size course or a 375' two pole.


After flying both I'd say that the nooner was about 10-15mph slower than the ef1 planes.  It took me a few flights to get used to flying around myself and having to move to track the plane but overall the nooner was no slouch and it was able to fly a reasonably tight track around the turns.  It would be fun to have three pylon racing at Temac if we had the space. 
Takeoffs are optional. Landings are mandatory.


    Hey Mike,
  Nice job on taking out Gregs plane!......I sorry, I mean that is a real shame that your prop was damaged......Go Team Hearts!!! ;D


you can't keep a good nooner down ;)

She's back and ready to rock
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